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             Report of Eritrean 23rd Independence Day Celebrations in Sweden


                                           By organizers



The Eritrean – Swedish partnership for democracy consisting of political ,civic and independent individuals celebrated the 23rd anniversary of the eritrean liberation day colourfully in the city of Stockholm on Saturday, Maj 24th 2014.


The celebrations started at 15.00 o’clock in the afternonn of Saturday and ended early morning of Sunday at 02.00 o’clock.


The main objective of the event was to commemorate the struggle of liberation its results and promised expectations.


Program schedule


The event has had two programs.

  1. A panel debate with swedish Parliament Member parties

  2. Intra- Eritrean Dialogue

  3. Cultural Entertainments

  4. Conclusion

A panel debate


The panel was organized by the Eritrean Lobby Group/ ELG. The panels main issues of discussion were both domestic and global issues in general and Sweden’s Governments relation with Eritrean dictatorship. The issues of enforced taxation of Swedish- Eritreans in diasora based on the UNSC resolutions of sanctions and many illegal activites supporting this regime to finance its drestabilsing activities in the Horn of Africa.( More on this issues will be reported in detail later)



2. Intra- Eritrean Dialogue


The second part of the program of the event was” Intra – Eritrean Dialogue” The event was a large gathering of political, civic and independent. Particiapants pledged that they will strengthen their partnership by cooperating with mutual respect and harmony in the future to win the dictatorship in Eritrea by dismantling its human and capital resources from the Eritrean diaspora in general and stop its illegal activitis in Sweden.



3. Cultural Entertainement


The Swedish- Eritrean Music Group and its prominent artists entertained the celebrants fantastically with songs commerating on liberation and freedoms of the Eritrean people. People has enjoyed the gathering with dance and bi-side conversations.




4.The event concluded at 0200 o’clock in the morning of Sunday 25th May 2014







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